Agricultural Engineering Universities And Colleges In South Africa

Agricultural Engineering Universities And Colleges In South Africa

Agricultural Engineering is the engineering discipline that studies agricultural production and processing. Agricultural engineering combines the disciplines of mechanical, civil, electrical and chemical engineering principles with a knowledge of agricultural principles according to technological principles. A key goal of this discipline is to improve the efficacy and sustainability of agricultural practices.

Below are list of tertiary institutions offering Agricultural Engineering Programmes;

ARC Institute for Agricultural Engineering

South Africa Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE)

UKZN Department of Agricultural (Bioresources) Engineering

UNISA Agricultural Engineering Programme

Free State University Agricultural Engineering

UNIVEN Agricultural and Rural Engineering Department

Agricultural Engineering Programme at NMU

North-West University Agricultural Engineering Programme

University of Limpopo Agricultural Engineering Department

The Role of Agricultural Engineering

The core purpose of this division is to develop and apply agricultural engineering technology that will contribute to higher yields, higher income and lower input costs for agriculture and related industries in a sustainable way. The objectives are thus:

  • To create wealth and to eliminate poverty in agriculture by increasing profits through the reduction of input costs, increased production, improved product quality, and value adding.
  • To develop and apply engineering technology for the sustainable utilisation and development of resources used in agriculture.
  • To promote and increase the efficient and sustainable utilisation of natural resources.
  • To protect, reclaim and restore deteriorated natural resources.
  • To develop human resources in the field of agricultural engineering technology.


Efficient water management

For the development, testing and evaluation of irrigation equipment in world-class laboratories, in-field evaluations of irrigation systems, improvement of existing designs, practices and established irrigation methods as well as the rehabilitation of irrigation schemes.

Natural resource conservation

Research and the development of technology related to soil conservation structures, techniques and systems, environmental auditing and mine rehabilitation, design and rehabilitation of dams and subsurface drainage, water run-off control planning and soil conservation structures.

Agricultural mechanization

For the testing of tractor engine performance, research and development of implements, development of mechanization systems, mechanization planning regarding the use of suitable equipment, systems and techniques.

Farm structures and facilities

Involving the designing, testing and development of farm structures, stores, workshops, labour housing and appropriate animal housing/ handling facilities, climate controlled plant production structures as well as facilities for aquaculture development.

On farm processing

Involving the development and evaluation of new methods and equipment as well as engineering design and advice on aspects such as produce storage, cooling, drying and handling facilities.