Broadcast Engineering Schools In South Africa

Radio broadcasting is any use of radio waves to send messages to large groups of people. Typically radio is used to send audio signals such as talk or music programming. Radio stations broadcast at different frequencies, which are sometimes referred to as wavelengths since the frequency of a radio wave and its wavelength are mathematically related. To pick up… Read More »

Clinical Engineering Schools In South Africa

Clinical engineering is a speciality within HTM (Healthcare Technology Management) biomedical engineering responsible primarily for applying and implementing medical technology to optimize healthcare delivery. Clinical Engineering (CE) represents the part of Biomedical Engineering focused on the applications of theories and methodologies of the broad biomedical engineering field to improve the quality of health services. Where to Study Clinical Engineering In South Africa Related… Read More »

Explosive Engineering Schools In South Africa

Explosives engineering is the field of science and engineering which is related to examining the behavior and usage of explosive materials. Where To Study Explosive Engineering Schools In South Africa? Wits University Postgraduates Explosives Engineering  Wits Mining Institute WMI Explosive Engineering University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg Explosives Engineering Gauteng College of Engineering And Technology Unisa Diploma in Explosives Management Stellenbosch University Explosives Engineering University of Cape… Read More »

Geological Engineering Schools In South Africa

Geological engineering involves designing structures and solving problems related to earth and its resources. Geological engineers can earn high wages, but their work often entails travel and remote fieldwork. If you think you’d like to work as a geological engineer. Geological engineering involves geology, civil engineering, and fields such as mining, forestry and geography. These engineers apply earth… Read More »

Mechatronic Engineering Schools In South Africa

Mechatronic engineers: design, develop, maintain and manage high-technology engineering systems for the automation of industrial tasks. apply mechatronic or automated solutions to the transfer of material, components or finished goods. apply advanced electronic control systems, which are usually computer-driven. Where To Study Mechatronic Engineering Schools In South Africa? Stellenbosch University Mechatronic Engineering University of Cape Town Bachelor of Science in Engineering in… Read More »

Music Engineering Schools In South Africa

Music engineers, also known as audio engineers or recording engineers, are technical specialists who set up and operate equipment that records, mixes, edits and reproduces sound Where Can i study Music Engineering Schools In South Africa? Cape Audio College Academy of Sound Engineering Cape Town Academy of Sound Engineering Southwest Media College PTA Campus College of Audio Engineering Revolution Media Academy… Read More »

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Schools In South Africa

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, also a Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, is a licensed person who carries out and certifies aircraft maintenance. The license is widespread internationally and is recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Where To Study Aircraft Maintenance Engineering In South Africa Dabela Training And Management National Airways Corporation (NAC) Mega Aero Training Academy Denel Technical Academy… Read More »

Audio Engineering Schools In South Africa

Audio Engineer vs Sound Engineer The distinction between a sound engineer and audio engineer is subtle. The skills, knowledge and many of the job duties overlap. The biggest difference is that the audio engineer covers all aspects of audio application while sound designing covers a specific job of designing – sound for films, games or television. What does an audio engineer do in music production? An audio engineer works with the technical… Read More »

Aviation Engineering Schools In South Africa

Aviation engineering is the science of designing, developing, and assembling aircraft. Aviation engineers focus on airspace development, airport design, aircraft navigation technologies, and aerodrome planning. Aerospace VS Aeronautical Engineering A degree in aerospace engineering and a degree in aeronautical engineering both prepare students to design aircraft. In fact, aeronautical engineering is a branch of aerospace engineering. Though the two degree programs teach similar engineering… Read More »

Automotive Engineering Schools In South Africa

An automotive engineering degree, or sometimes called an automotive mechanical engineering degree, is a highly specialized degree that teaches many of the same concepts as mechanical engineering but focuses specifically on automotive applications. Where to Study Mechanical Engineering / Automotive Engineering Mechanical Engineering – Unisa Mechanical Engineering – Wits University Mechanical Engineering, B.Eng. – at University of Pretoria University of KwaZulu Natal Dept Of Mechanical Engineering University of… Read More »