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Engineering Requirements In South Africa

To pursue any kind of qualification in engineering, you will need to have a relatively strong background in maths and science. The advantage of applying to study an engineering diploma is that you don’t need a traditional matric certificate to apply. You are just as qualified to apply with a technical certificate (or N3 certificate). If you have… Read More »

How Long Will It Take To Become An Engineer In South Africa

A degree in engineering will take you four to five years to complete, depending on the intensity of the course. A diploma in engineering will take you two years to complete full-time, and three years part-time. After you achieve your diploma in engineering, you are required to complete two years of in-service training before you are fully qualified in your field. Place of Study: In South… Read More »

How Much Will Engineering School Cost In South Africa

Universities in South Africa are, as we know, rather expensive. Because of this and the fact that an engineering degree takes longer to achieve than an engineering diploma, a degree in engineering is considerably more expensive than a diploma. You are also often able to study a diploma part-time, especially at private institutions and technical colleges. This means… Read More »

Engineering Qualifications In South Africa

Choosing to study engineering is more complicated than choosing what kind of engineering you want to study. You also need to decide what kind of engineering qualification you want. There are two main types of engineering qualifications: engineering degrees and engineering diplomas. Engineering degrees are offered at universities and usually take four to five years to complete, after which you are… Read More »