Denel Technical Academy

Denel Technical Academy


To be Africa’s premier world class training provider for the engineering, aerospace and defence industry.


To provide accredited, cost effective and efficient training of technical personnel for the aerospace, engineering and defence industries according to the needs and requirements of our customers, in well-equipped nationally and internationally accredited facility.


We are approved and accredited by the following organisations:

  • South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA)
  • Approval No. ATTC 004 & AC 002 and the Local Training Authorities.

Our Quality is managed by a structured Quality Management System based on the AS9100 International Standard.

Aviation Training

Aircraft Avionician

The aircraft avionician training incorporates all three existing aircraft avionic-related trades namely: aircraft electrician, aircraft radiotrician and aircraft instrument mechanic. Trainees are exposed to all three avionic trade fundamentals and on qualification they are ready for first line and minor maintenance installations and repairs of the modern day avionic aircraft critical for quick turnaround in aviation.

Aircraft Electrician

Aircraft electricians are responsible for the delivery and integration of electrical power between the various units of components of an aircraft. Responsibilities include the diagnostics, maintenance, repair and installation of electrical components which include generation systems and batteries.

Aircraft Instrument Mechanic

This is a highly specialized field that integrates the rare combination of both electronic and fine mechanical skills in one trade. An aircraft instrument mechanic is responsible for all the onboard instruments used to maintain flight safety and includes the auto-pilot. Due to the compact nature of the instruments, candidates are required to have excellent fine-motor dexterity.

Aircraft Radiotrician

The radiotrician is responsible for all the radio communication equipment onboard an aircraft which include navigation and communication. It is a very challenging career in view of the many new developments happening in the field and will appeal to anyone who has a keen interest in electronics. Other facets of the trade include the installation, repair and adjustment of the equipment on an aircraft.

Aircraft Mechanic

A diverse and appealing occupation carrying a high degree of responsibility, the aircraft mechanic is required to have a broad and thorough understanding of an aircraft and all integrated systems. Their function is to perform preventative and corrective maintenance to ensure the safe operation of an aeroplane which includes repairs, adjustments, testing and ultimately to certify it for flight.

Aircraft Structural Worker

Commonly referred to as sheet metal workers, these artisans are responsible for the manufacture and repair of the physical airframe of an aircraft. Their work is primarily focused on the damage caused by incidents fatigue or corrosion to restore the integral strength of the airframe.

Aircraft Type Training

SACAA Certified Courses

Civil Aviation Regulations, as Amended 1997

Airframe General (CAT A)

Engine General (CAT C)

Rotorcraft General (CAT A/C)

Piston Engine General ( CAT C)

Lockheed L382 (CAT A & W and EASA 145 B1 & B2)

Casa CN-235 series (CAT A &C)

Aerospatiale AS 330 series

Boeing 737 300/400/500 series (CAT A & W)

Avionic Equipment (CAT X)

Instrument Equipment (CAT X)

Electrical Equipment (CAT X)

Com pass System (CAT X)

Autopilot General (CAT X)

Allison 501 series & Hamilton Standard 54H60-117 Propeller (CAT C)

Rolls Royce Vi per 522 series ( CAT C)

Cessna Citation II ( CAT A & W)

Alouette III (CAT A/C )

General Electronic CT7 series (CAT C)

Pratt & Whitney JT3D series (CAT C)

Pratt & Whitney JT15D series (CAT C)

Pratt & Whitney JPT6A series (CAT C)

Beech Kingair 200 series (CAT C)

GE CFM 56-3 series (CAT C)

General Contact Details

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Denel Technical Academy

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Denel Technical Academy