How Much Will Engineering School Cost In South Africa

By | January 20, 2020

Universities in South Africa are, as we know, rather expensive. Because of this and the fact that an engineering degree takes longer to achieve than an engineering diploma, a degree in engineering is considerably more expensive than a diploma. You are also often able to study a diploma part-time, especially at private institutions and technical colleges. This means that if you are doing a diploma you might be able to get a part-time job that will help you contribute towards your tuition.

Nature of Course Study:

Engineering degrees, while including a huge practical component, that you will have to pass to get your degree, are typically more theoretical in nature. Engineering diplomas often have a lot more focus on the practical components of the engineering industry. If you are studying towards a diploma, your course work will be a lot more “hands-on. 

Because of the highly practical nature of engineering diplomas, you are able to qualify in much more specialized fields. This means that you are qualified to do a specific job and so makes you very competitive in that field. You are able to qualify in a wide range of fields, including mechanical, chemical, civil and electrical engineering. You are also able to study further for one year after completing your engineering diploma in order to obtain a BTech degree. This qualification enables you to register as a professional engineering technician and will open up even more career opportunities.

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