Software Engineering Universities And Colleges In South Africa

Software engineering is the process of analyzing user needs and designing, constructing, and testing end-user applications that will satisfy these needs through the use of software programming languages. It is the application of engineering principles to software development. In contrast to simple programming, software engineering is used for larger and more complex software systems, which are used as critical systems for businesses and organizations.

Centre for Software Engineering (CENSE) – Unisa

Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering UJ

Wits University – Joburg Centre for Software Engineering

Software engineering | Monash South Africa

PC Engineering | Damelin

K.I.B College Software Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions On Software Engineering

Which subjects are required for software engineering?

Aspiring software engineers usually major in computer science, computer information systems, software engineering or mathematics. Some students take programming and software engineering classes to supplement a degree in another field, such as accounting, business or finance.

How long does it take to become a software engineer in South Africa?

The new route – With just 6-12 months of full or part-time education, you can learn focussed skills in software development and cover the fundamentals of Computer Science. Software development is one of the few fields where you don’t need a formal degree or diploma to get a job.

How much does a software engineer earn in South Africa?

The newbies: Entry-level software engineers in South Africa typically start off with an hourly rate that can range anywhere from R75 to R240. This works out to an annual salary of between R280,000 and R649,000. In the middle: Mid-career software engineers will get significantly higher pay.