Stellenbosch University Department of Process Engineering [Chemical Engineering]

Stellenbosch University Department of Process Engineering [Chemical Engineering]


The Department of Process Engineering is housed in the Process Engineering Building and its new Annexe which together include three lecture halls and well-equipped pilot and laboratory-scale teaching and research facilities.

The pilot-plant scale facilities include distillation columns, supercritical fluid extraction columns as well as a distillation characterisation set-up. The Department has equipment for measuring binary and multicomponent phase equilibria, transport properties and mass transfer characteristics at pressures ranging from atmospheric to several hundred atmospheres.

Computer facilities include a dedicated, industry-sponsored computer centre with high-end processing power and various process simulation and extensive data analysis packages. The extractive metallurgical laboratories house a variety of fully instrumented furnaces with gas cleaning and analysis capabilities as well as equipment for hydrometallurgical processing.

The bioprocess engineering facility comprises pretreatment equipment, pilot-scale fermentation vessels, fully instrumented bioreactors, shaking incubators and peripheral equipment. The Department has extensive analytical facilities to support its range of research and teaching activities.

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