Things Not To Do With Your Automatic Transmission Car

By | April 6, 2019

Driving automatic cars is easier than manual. This helps drivers to concentrate on the road and prevent constant shift release and clutch. Though it easy, there are some ways you can unwilling mess up your transmission.

You should never do these things if your want them to last because they cost a lot to fix, rebuild or replace

1. Avoid driving through deep waters.

The vent of the transmission helps to release excess pressure build up in the transmission through the vent. Driving through deep waters might cause water to enter the transmission. This will lead to corrosion / rust or breakdown of your transmission and it is expensive to fix, rebuild or replace

2. Never shift from drive to reverse while the car is moving.

Car manufacturers have different design and technologies for designing transmission. Modern cars have the safety feature of putting the gear to neutral when you accidentally or intentionally shift from drive to reverse while the car is in motion. You might not get this feature in all vehicles or old cars. You might end up breaking some gears if you are lucky and in worse case damage the automatic transmission completely

3. Don’t Put Your transmission in neutral at stop lights.

But keep the ignition on, the car in drive and your foot on the brake whenever you stop at the light

4. Never put the car in park before it stops completely.

This can cause irreversible damage to the transmission. The park keeps the car from rolling away thus it locks the car from moving. Hence locking the transmission while it is moving will result in breaking the internal components.

5. Don’t Leave it in drive when idling for a long time.

This will over heat the inside of the transmission, so put it in park or neutral because it is not directly connected to torque in these states. You can put the engine off to be on the safer side

6. Don’t change shifts when the car is moving.

This can cause irreversible damage to the transmission or it internal components

7. Don’t do burn out all the time or lunch the car when in a standstill.

It one of the worse things you can do to your automatic transmission. Burn out for standard transmission cars are ok but not advisable if you care about your car. You might end up burning your clutch and you will have to replace them in no time thus for standard transmission which is a lot cheaper than replacing your entire automatic transmission

8. Avoid keeping your gas tank on low.

Transmissions need proper fluid pressure. Fluid keeps different elements of the car lubricated and helps the engine as well. If the tank is constantly low, these parts will wear out much faster than they would normally because of insufficient fluid pressure.

9. Do well to change the transmission fluid.

It is advisable to change your transmission fluid once in a while. Changing your fluid after 60000 to 80000 miles change is reasonable.

10. Tow your car the right way

Use the right people with the right tools to tow your car when it breaks down. Wrong way of towing the car might end up causing more damage to your automatic transmission.

11. Visit your mechanic as soon as you notice anything unusual in your automatic transmission.