Top engineering jobs for the aspiring engineer in South Africa

By | January 22, 2020

If you want a career in which you will find job satisfaction and be financially rewarded, a career in engineering could be a good fit for you.

If you often wonder what it’s like to build aeroplanes, bridges or find new ways in which to use energy, you’re probably considering a career in engineering. Besides a good education and qualification, a career in engineering requires a special gift for maths, logical thinking and a knack for great design.

Engineering is a broad industry which is why we’ve decided to help you by breaking it up into the various fields. Take a look at the different types of engineering careers available:

Agricultural engineers
In this field, you’ll use your knowledge of technology and bio-science to understand and develop agricultural solutions as well as water and soil saving innovations.

Chemical engineers
When you hear the words designchemical production process, and test in one sentence, do you smile from ear to ear? Then you are indeed meant for this career as you’ll design and test the equipment used in intricate chemical production processes.

Nuclear engineers

Nuclear radiation and energy will be the name of the game for you.

Biomechanical engineers
This one is for all of you who enjoy the human anatomy. You’ll use your engineering knowledge to understand and develop items that will improve the daily functioning.

Mechanical engineer
If your first love has always been working with machinery and mechanical equipment, this one is for you. It involves designing, creating and ensuring that apparatus is working and faultless.

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Aerospace and aeronautical engineers

Do you often dream of space and far away planets? Then choose this field. It involves designing space crafts.  

Biomedical engineers
If you’re a biomedical engineer your inventions could help medical practitioners come up with new cures and combat diseases.

Computer software engineers
These are the nerds of the engineering world. Nerds are cool though; they come up with things no one else can, so don’t shoot this career down. You’ll need sharp problem-solving skills, a head for maths, your engineering mind and top-notch computer skills. You’ll use these talents to develop innovative software and systems. 

Civil engineers
Dreaming of ways to build the next big skyscraper or highway in the sky? Once you’re in civil engineering you’ll build and design physical structures.

Environmental and sustainable design engineers
The name says it all. You’ll be responsible for inventions that could help tackle global warming and help more people go green. You have to care about the environment and be passionate about making a difference.

Electronic engineers
You’ll be responsible for ensuring the design and development of electrical equipment used in manufacturing meet the highest standards.

Systems engineers
You’ll need to be in the know about the latest gadgets and technology to be able to oversee anything from rocket ships to robots to flying cars. 

Computer hardware engineers
You’ll be involved in this career because you love computer hardware so much.

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