Water and Environmental Engineering Stellenbosch University

Water and Environmental Engineering Stellenbosch University

Water and environmental engineering has to do with water resources development and management, yield analysis, low and flood flow hydrology, river hydraulics, design of hydraulic structures such as dams, tunnels and pump stations, water services, water quality and water treatment, as well as coastal and port engineering.

  • What’s it about?

In the Water Division, fields of specialisation include River and stormwater hydraulics, design of hydraulic structures, hydrology, water services, water quality and treatment, and port and coastal engineering.

The division is endowed with an excellent and spacious hydraulic laboratory where a large number of model studies have been performed. Computer modeling also finds wide application in research and specialist consulting work.

  • Institutes

Prof HE Jacobs is the director of the Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (IWEESU). IWEESU specializes in research and specialized consulting in the fields of river hydraulics and sedimentation, eco-hydraulics, coastal engineering, water resources management and water services.

More information is available in this PDF brochure document.


Lake St Lucia (Prof G.R. Basson) 
Prof Basson was contracted since 2013 as hydrodynamic modelling and sediment dynamics specialist to work with a project team of hydrologists and ecologists to analyse various scenarios and make recommendations on the future management of the Lake St Lucia system. The recommendations by Prof Basson and his team are now being implemented in the field in a phased approach.